Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Abuse Contiues From the Same Family

So the abuse from my sister stopped when she got married, but that would not be the end of the abuse from her family. She married a guy that hit on me left and right. Like her I could not be left in a room with him without being cornered. I flipped on this one. His constant attempts of trying to kiss me and touch him. I hated when my parents made be babysit for her one summer. None stop brother in law. When I was at Vo-Tech one day I started having issues. The counselor called me into his office because of these issues. He wanted to help me. He was going to talk to my brother in law. I got chicken and called him from my home and told him not to, so he didn't. But now I wonder why he didn't report the abuse? Even though I can't turn back the clock, I wish I had the courage at that time to let him talk to my brother in law. The first mistake I made regarding abuse done to me. He was here to help and I didn't let him. I was scared of what my dad would do. I eventually told my dad but he didn't do anything. He stated one night to me and my mom when he was sitting in the green chair, my mom was in her chair and I was on the love seat that maybe he should talk to him but he never did. He never wanted to cause friction or disruption in the family harmony I guess. As I stated before he so believed in the turning the cheek issue. He was no help. Now it has been two parents I went to for help and I got no help. I knew from this point on I was on my own. He eventually stopped but it took a long time. Even after I was married he was touching my butt inappropriately. What a guy married to what a girl, the two are very deserving of each other. It has been hard for me to treat them like family. At family functions when I had to hug them I feel sick, I hate hugging them. My sister gives me a kiss like it's no big deal. It's just disgusting because she was the first person who kissed me open mouthed. They act like they have never done anything to me and they can't figure out why I'm distant from them. My whole family thinks that I'm a black sheep. I make it well known that I wish I was born into another family. I have told my mom many times, "I don't have to be apart of this family." That bugs them but does not bother me one bit. I guess they need someone to talk about at family gatherings.

Again I tell you this to help someone not for pity, life by far as not been good to me but from all the tragedy I have become a strong woman and I'm lucky. As you will see the abuse in my life did not stop until I got divorce 3.5 years ago. Many, many years of abuse in one form or another but that is for a different day.

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

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  1. What an incredible story. You are so brave to post all of this. I am sure your posts will touch and help others. God bless!