Friday, November 13, 2009

The Beginning of My Abusive Marriage...

Well, I go from being a part of an abusive family to marring an abusive husband. How did that happen you say, not hard.

I got involved with an abusive alcoholic and married him in high school because I was pregnant. Wrong thing to do and I would never recommend anyone to do that.

Before I got married I was being beat both physically and mentally. I told my mom again and she did nothing. She told me I made my bed now I had to lay in it. What a great mom. My best friends knew but did not know what to do to help me. They were as young as I was.

His family mentally abused to me too. They were and still are very protective of my X. To them he has never done anything wrong, it is everyone else that has caused my X's problems. His drinking was because of the crowd he hung with. Yep, that's right they forced him to drink. NOT...His temper and beating on me was because I made him mad. He was on a huge 'I do nothing wrong' pedestal. He took responsibility for nothing, his problems were caused by someone else not himself. You know as well as I do this attitude will get you no where in life.

Again I tell you this to help someone not for pity, life by far has not been good to me but from all the tragedy I have become a strong woman and I'm lucky. As you will see the abuse in my life did not stop until I got divorce 3.5 years ago. Many, many years of abuse in one form or another but that is for a different day.

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)


  1. I agree that there needs to be more said about abusive marriages, very interesting

  2. Hey, Kim

    Thanks for feedback much appreciated. My goal is to be able to help at least one person and to let people know that there is someone out there that will not judge.

    Ann Marie